July 29, 2017

SICCE Genio-2 External Aquarium Filter

SICCE Genio-2 Overview

The Genio-2 is the second model of an older line of external filters of the well known Italian SICCE brand. It had a patented priming system featuring an internal air-pump which was used for the suction of the trapped air.

Technical Specification

Manufacturer Specification:
Flow:750 lt /hr
Power:220 V / 17 W
H max:1.7 m
Canister Volume:4 lt
Media Baskets:2 x 1 lt
Pipes:Inflow / Outflow
Mechanical Media:Coarse Sponge / Fine Filter Wool
Biological Media:Medium Grain Matrix 
Made in :Italy

SICCE Genio-2 Retail Box
SICCE Genio-2 retail Box

SICCE Genio Series Manual
SICCE Genio-2 user manual

SICCE Genio-2 Overview II
SICCE Genio-2 overview

SICCE Genio-2 with 2 lt of mechanical and biological media filtration and a flow rate of 750 lt /hr can be used to filter aquariums up to 250 lt successfully.
Aquarium max volume is calculated based on normal fish stocking and the use of high porous biological filtration media.

SICCE Genio-2 Canister and media baskets
Opened SICCE Genio-2 canister with two media baskets

SICCE Genio-2 media baskets & contents
SICCE Genio-2 mechanical filtration media coarse sponge and fine synthetic wool.

SICCE Genio-2 biological filtration media
SICCE Genio-2 suggested biological filtration media - Medium grain pumice stone aka Matrix

SICCE Genio-2 Inflow / Outflow pipes and QC tap
SICCE Genio-2 Outflow and Inflow pipes with included hose and quick connect tap.

SICCE Genio-2 Outflow pipe priming
SICCE Genio-2 Inflow pipe with 2 suction caps and priming plate.

SICCE Genio-2 Inflow pipe strainer
SICCE Genio-2 Outflow pipe with suction caps and extension

SICCE Genio-2 QC tap detail
SICCE Genio-2 quick connect tap installed

Although the patented priming device is theoretically good, in practice the air-pump is very weak making it a very slow process. Therefore, it is more preferable to follow the all time classic "suck on the outlet pipe" method to prime the filter.

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