September 15, 2017

South East Asia Biotope II - Juwel Rio 180 - Part V

South East Asia Biotope II - Juwel Rio 180 front view

One of my oldest tanks being almost abandoned to its fate, still manages to keep going with minimal care. The simulation of a South-East Asian small river bank, 6 years after its last depiction.

September 14, 2017

DIY Automatic Aquarium Top-Off System

DIY Aquarium Top-Off System overview

A short reference to one of the many automated aquarium top-off systems I have built, comprised of easy to find components and maybe some not so easy ones. :)

JEBO UV 9W In Line Sterilization Unit

JEBO UV-H9 Retail Box

A UV sterilization unit operated for a minimum of six hours per day offers a drastic way to minimize bacterial and algae blumes

September 12, 2017

Pro CO2 Fertilization Kit for Large Aquariums

Pro CO2 Fertilization Kit Overview

This is a kit comprised of components gathered after the experience gained from various planted aquarium installations, based on efficiency and minimized maintenance.

August 7, 2017

Zebra Nerite Snail - Neritina Natalensis

Zebra Nerite snails are the second best algae eaters after Amano Shrimps in efficiency but on the other hand they are the best concerning hard spot algae.

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