September 14, 2017

JEBO UV 9W In Line Sterilization Unit

JEBO UV-H9 Retail Box

A UV sterilization unit operated for a minimum of six hours per day offers a drastic way to minimize bacterial and algae blumes

The JEBO UV-H9 uses a 9W PL UV lamp and is intended for aquariums from 45 to 150 Gallons, i.e. from 170 to 565 Liters.
Best results for the maximum aquarium volumes are met with up to 600 Lt /h water flow.

JEBO UV-H9 Retail Box sideview

Box Contents

JEBO UV-H9 box contains the main black body with two support clamps and two inlet and outlet light blue nozzles with different diameter hose connections. The quartz crystal tube with PL 9W UV lamp and lamp holder are already screwed on the main body.
In a different box compartment are found the power cable and the quite heavy PL lamp power adapter. Since the power adapter comes with US plug a multinational converter is included.
JEBO UV-H9 main body and parts
JEBO UV-H9 main body, inlet and outlet nozzles, quartz crystal tube with lamp and power adapter.

JEBO UV-H9 PL 9W UV lamp detail
JEBO UV-H9 details of PL 9W UV lamp
The JEBO UV units have two clamps that can be screwed in the cabinet of the aquarium and allow the UV unit to be hanged near an external filter or a return pump from a sump.

JEBO UV-H9 in line with external filter
JEBO UV-H9 connected in line with the outflow of an EHEIM 2026 Pro II external filter 

For best results in smaller aquariums the UV duration should be controlled by a timer.

JEBO UV-H9 power adapter on timer
JEBO UV-H9 on/off timing controlled by digital timer

Note: In case of treatments the UV unit has to be turned off.

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