July 27, 2017

Enaly OZX-300U Ozone O3 Generator

This package contains the Enaly OZX-300U ozone generator, a small manual, 1.8 m of silicone tube 4/6 mm, a JBL green long Air Stone for aquarium use and a DIY Air Dehumidifier.

The Enaly OZX-300U by spec can generate 200-300 mg O3 / hr via air pushed by the integral air pump through an anode - cathode metal tube at a rate of 2-3 lt / min

This model is perfect for maintaining a high ORP in reef tanks or tanks with species demanding high oxygen concentration.
Nevertheless, Ozone in the proper dosage can always be a good disinfectant as well.

Enaly OZX-300U top view.
The OZX-300U can either be sat on a table or attached on a wall or an aquarium base cabinet by four metal mounting feet extending out on both sides.

On/Off press button switch and safety fuse cap.

Ozonized Air Outlet (Black)

Air Inlet (White)

DIY Air Dehumidifier

Contains Silica Gel and a few Active Carbon pellets. Should be connected to the Ozone generator Air Inlet in order to increase (double) Ozone generation.
The dehumidifier with internal tube makes the air pass through Silica Gel before exiting thus dehumidifying it.

DIY Air dehumidifier with Silica Gel and Active Carbon pellets

Silica Gel can be replaced or replenished at regular intervals indicated by some of the beads that will take a darker color.
Replenishing is easy by emptying and spreading the contents of the plastic container into either a glass or a ceramic bowl and put it into the Micro Wave oven for 1 - 2 minutes depending on quantity.

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