July 30, 2017

Gembird Programmable Surge Protector RM

Gembird is a Programmable Surge Protection device with 4 programmable AC outlets and two more switched by the main rocker on/off switch.
Programming is effected through PC software and USB or Bluetooth connection to the controlling PC.

Each programmable outlet has an indicator light of on/off status. Programming of individual outlets is possible concerning turning it on or off at specific time schedules and repetition at specific intervals in hours, days months.

The device is accompanied by quick manual, software CD for the PC and USB cable.

Although the device was initially intended for office use, in order to control PC peripherals, it is very well suited for aquarium use.
It can control with  its on/off timers and schedules the aquarium lights, wave pumps and other devices.

The Gembird syncs time with the controlling PC upon connection, while it retains its programs after disconnection.

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